Friday, January 22, 2010

Sultry blue/purple eye

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday!!

I'm back again with another FOTD.

Sometimes my camera loves me,other times it hates me!
I wanted to do something with bright eyeliner since that seems to be a place I overlook when I do my daily makeup.
Okay so I've been doing something that is very fun (Thanks to my hubby for the suggestion!)
He sugged I print a list of all my current eyeshadows,cut them up,fold them and put them in something to shake them up in and choose colours randomly and do a look on it!
Okay so some of the choices that come up don't match together.
If that's the case i'll throw it back in and choose another one!
Isn't that a fun idea.
Have you ever done this,and if so how were the results?
If you have ANY FOTD's Using High Voltage Cosmetics that'd be great if you could post them! I'd love to see your creation!:)

This looks wasn't really inspired by anything but my love of purples/blues!
(I Know Phyrra will LOVE THIS,since he is a big fan of blues/purples!)

I also wanted to ask,what do your spouses,friends,family think of your makeup style and addiction?
My husband is obviously supportive since he helps run High Voltage Cosmetics,my sister loves my makeup but doesn't think she has the face for it(she does!) and my mom has been wearing the same makeup since the 80's lol..
and obviously my friends love makeup since we are makeup addicts!
My D&D Friends think I don't need makeup,hahah.

HV Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base In White applied from lash line to brow bone
As well as on the waterline.
False Lashes-Shisem
Mascara-Lash stilleto
Eyebrow Powders in Brunette and MED Brunette
Brow Bone-Feel The Heat
Lid-Wicked Love
Crease-Pure Energy!
Above Crease-Do The Twist
Lower Lash Line-Thunderstruck

(Click on photos for larger view)